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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heart your Pony Tail ❤

A couple of days ago I was in Claire's hoping to find some ear cuffs, but found these cute hairbands instead. They're called 'SUPER BANDZ!' from Hairagami.
 They are shaped in a heart and feel like jelly. They don't look like hair bands at all, but they're so cute!! When I opened them, I thought it was impossible for all of my hair to fit in such a tiny whole. But it stretches really well, so crazy to see actually. These hair ands seem to be 1. super good for your hair, because they are 2. infused with conditioners and they do definitely 3. not slip or tangle! Whether you have straight or curly hair, it's still something adorable you can put in your hair since it adjusts itself to every hair type!
Here is my messy pony tail using the super stretch bandz.

It gives a really girly look to your pony tail. I always have trouble finding my good hairbands since they're laying everywhere in the house, but the moment you need them you can't find any. Sounds familiar? I only have a few hairbands that really stay in place with just one loop, so this is such a change!

 Want these Super bandz too? They're just €6,95 @ Claire's!


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