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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ear Cuffs by KOKOKOI ❤

About 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a forum topic on, about ear cuffs. That's how I found 'KOKOKOI'. A website of a young female, called Jessica, where she sells her handmade jewelries. She not only makes ear cuffs, but bracelets and rings as well. But because I'm totally into ear cuffs lately, I just focused on those for now! Check out a few of her ear cuffs!
Dangling Spikes Earcuff
If you're on tumblr, you've probably seen this picture a bunch of times reappearing on your dashboard. What I find interesting is that, even I reblogged it once, without knowing that it was actually one of Jessica's original ear cuffs. This picture has about 42,103 notes, that is a MAJOR WOW!

Dangling Chains Earcuff
Black Feathered Earcuff
 After drooling over a few more of these, I sent Jessica an email if I could just order two of her earcuffs through email, since the prices were in $ sign. She was so nice, and my package got shipped as soon as she received the money. And a just a couple of days later I got my package. I was so excited to open it!
Silver Chain Earcuff
Black Feathered Earcuff
 My hair is a mess, and the angle might not be perfect.. but I love my earcuffs!
If you love them too, and you want some of your own or want to check out the other sure to visit: KOKOKOI, Jessica's blog and her facebook. Tell her I said Hi!


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