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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to: High Messy Bun ❤

I used to have this hair style all the home!
But it has been so fashionable lately that I can't help but love this trend.
It's so easy, it looks effortless but is definitely fashion-forward.
Because I am not good with tutorials, or anything on film for that matter (read: I hate my voice on camera), I  have looked up some videos explaining the easy steps to a high messy bun. There are more than one way to a messy bun, so just follow whatever steps works best for you.

After watching both videos, I attempted the steps of a high messy bun from the second video, since I don't have a teasing hair brush. But that one didn't really work for me, so I tried the one on the first video. Instead of using a teasing brush, I did it with a fine-tooth comb (tip: works perfectly). At the back of my head I tucked big bobby pins, and in the front some smaller bobby pins. The more bobby pins you use, the less chance it has of getting loose. Don't overdo it on the bobby pins though, or use some clear ones.
 It literally took me five minutes to get my hair done this way, which is super fast considering my hair is not the easiest to get in to a decent high pony tail. That's why most of the time I wear my hair back. This is such a great change from my usual hair-do. On days when I really feel like accessorizing, I'll rock this look with a cute or edgy headband, flower/bow clips or a stylish turban headband. Try rocking this look for the upcoming end-of-the-year parties!

Is the High Messy Bun something you would wear?


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  1. I really like this look!
    More and more celebrities use it!
    Your bun is cute!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. I looove this, and it looks great on you!


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