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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fashion Tip: Bowtieful Bow Ties ❤

If you're looking to "undull" your outfit with just one accessory, Bow Ties can definitely do the trick. Whether your style is preppy, casual, girly, boyish or chic...Bow Ties make a total statement. Now I know how hard it is to find Bow Ties you really like in Holland, so I found the next best thing. Or in this case, person.

Danielle is a 17year old girl living in Holland, that has been making her own Bow Ties for three months now. I was so impressed with her handcrafted Bow Ties, that I decided to get to know her story behind Bowtieful.

How did you come up with the idea to start making Bow Ties?
I always thought some of the Bow Ties models were wearing in fashion magazines looked very simple. I wanted a Bow Tie of my own, but I wanted one that was original. My very first Bow Tie was a black leather one and had 4 silver studs. I got so many great reactions, and people kept asking me where I got it from. When I told them that I made it myself, I kept getting the question if I wanted to make one for them as well. That's how I got the idea to come up with more Bow Tie designs, and when I realized that a lot of people were interested in buying them, I started putting all my designs on the site: On this site people can see all of my latest Bow Tie designs and order them if they like. 

Where do you see Bowtieful's success in a few years?
My Bow Ties collection is still extending, and that is why I'm busy trying to set up my own webshop. I hope that in a month from now, I can successfully launch Right now I'm also busy getting my Bow Ties into several shops. In a few years I would still love to be known as the creative designer of Bowtieful, but with a lot more exposure!

How would you style an outfit with one of your Bow Ties?
I think you can wear a Bow Tie with any outfit. Bow Ties are originally known to be worn only on formal occasions, but my Bow Ties are much more than just classy. Most of my Bow Ties are decorated with studs, spikes and other applications, which makes them an everyday accessory. But I think a Bow Tie looks really cute on a blouse that is buttoned all the way up.

                                                              A few of Danielle's Bow Ties
Bow Tie: Soft Tarantula Fabric with Studs and Chains
Bow Tie: Shimmer Purple and Golden Chains
Bow Tie: Black Leather Studded
Bow Tie: Blue Jeans and Spikes

If you are (not) feeling these 4 Bow Ties, check out Bowtieful's site for more. Danielle even makes Bow Ties on request! With your choice of print and/or color, you can rock your own unique Bow Tie whenever you want. She even ships internationally! If there is more information you would like to know, just visit the website.

What do you think of her Bow Ties? I loooove them. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Soon one of my readers can rock their own Bowtieful Bow Tie, as Danielle was super nice to sponsor one of her Bow Ties for a giveaway on my blog. COME BACK TOMORROW FOR MORE INFORMATION!


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