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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reminder: Bloggers Event ❤

It's 27th of March today, which means the Spring & Heels Bloggers Dinner Party is just one month away! The amount of work we have put into this event is unbelievable, but we're doing it with soooo much pleasure! We just want it to be the best "from-bloggers-to-bloggers" event! And the great thing is, it just might be....

Over the time we have received so many positive reactions from bloggers as well as all potential sponsors for the amazing goodiebags! I'm having such a hard time keeping every thing a secret, but I'm so excited about the goodiebags and the activities that will take place. It all really just makes me want to be a guest at our own dinner party! :p Lucky for you, you can! There are still a few tickets left. So try to get yours fast. 

Some of you might still be hesitating on whether or not to attend. Let me help you out with some of your possible concerns:
- I don't want to travel/attend alone: We know it might be a little intimidating to attend any event all by yourself. That's why we think you should definitely bring a fellow blogger friend with you!

- I don't know what to wear: We want you to feel comfortable in your own fashion style, no matter what that might be. But just in case you're really having trouble deciding, we have posted some (and will be posting more) looks on our facebook page that might give you (a little) inspiration!
Outfit with items from a few of our sponsors!
- I don't know what to expect: We think it's perfectly understandable that you would first like to know what the event will be like, before you get your ticket. Our event is a dinner party that allows all  attendees to socialize with each other. Networking is essential for every blogger, and it's just fun to meet new people with the same interests. On our event there will be several opportunities (apart from the very nice dinner self)  to get to know one another better, with the help of fun activities we have planned. We promise it will be right in your element, since it has everything to do with fashion and beauty! After the event is over, every attendee gets a nice goodiebag as a BIG BIG thank you for coming! 

I wish I could give you every little detail, but some things are just better as a surprise! For other questions, you can check our faq. For (daily) updates like us on facebook and on twitter. Tickets are available here. And if there's anything else you would like to know, feel free to send an email to

I just want to end this post with a personal message from me, to why I want you all to attend the Bloggers Event. Reallyyyy reallyyyy hope to see you there! 


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  1. i luvv it , i wish i could be a part of the event . hihihi oh well. one Q tho' how do u make those collagess ? they look so nice

    1. yesss, it would have been so fun if you could attend! you can make the collages on, you'll love the site!

  2. Spannend!! Helaas kan ik er niet bij zijn, maar alvast veeel plezier!
    Thanks voor je comments schat,


    1. Wat jammer!! Maar bedankttt, het gaat echt heel leuk worden :D

  3. Leuk initiatief! jammer genoeg woon ik niet echt om de hoek

    heel veel plezier


    1. Da's inderdaad heel erg jammer! Hopelijk zien we je op ons eerstvolgende event! x

  4. Congrats on your blogger event! Can't wait to see pictures!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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