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Sunday, May 6, 2012

How I Wear My Neon Yellow Blouse ❤

Remember the neon blouse I got a few weeks ago? Since I haven't worn it yet, I was thinking about ways on how I would wear it. And I thought it would be nice to share it with you. 

Outfit 1: 
Combining Neon and bold print leggings is not common, I think. Therefor I went for it! I couldn't decide which clutch was better, so I added them both. Depending on where I'm going I'll choose the right one. Seeing this picture is a total reminder of why suede is not suppose to be worn in mud, blame the total unexpected Dutch weather.

|| Neon blouse: New Yorker || Leggings: Monki || Clutches: H&M || Platform Booties: Vintage

Outfit 2:
 I love this combination, if I may say so myself. The different types of blue/grey and turquoise/teal look great together with neon yellow, who knew. Just kidding.

|| Neon blouse: New Yorker || Jeggings: Pieces || Clutch: H&M || Denim Booties: Diewilikhebben || Jewelry: Random

Outfit 3:
 This is more of an sporty look, which I don't wear that often. Normally I would have never combined these black pants and my sneakers, but for some reason it really works for me with this blouse. I chose the rhinestone jewelry and the collar to balance the glam and the sporty look in this outfit. 

|| Neon blouse: New Yorker || Pants: H&M || Satchel: H&M || Collar : H&M || Belt: Tally Weijl || Sneakers: Pastry Shoes

Outfit 4:
 I couldn't not make an outfit that is a little more summer appropriate, so there it is. I love how nothing is exactly matching, but it still works for me. There is no red to be found in the rest of the outfit, but I'll rock this outfit with some red lipstick and/or nail polish. 

|| Neon blouse: New Yorker || Shorts: Bershka || Shoulder bag: New Look || Necklace: H&M || Shoes: Shoes

The funny part is that is blouse is so versatile, that I'll probably end up going with a totally made up and different outfit depending on the event I'm attending. How would you wear a neon blouse?


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  1. I like your high heels and accessories!
    All your combinations are nice!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. i really like your different ways to wear it.they all look your accessories in all pics and those printed pants.


  3. i wanna see pics with theeem onnnn , the combinations are terrfic

  4. Lovely look! I would go for the first one, or the last one! :)

  5. I looove this blouse.. I have so many sheer blouses like this , but I don't have a yellow one.. x

  6. nice nice yellow blouse honey, i really love it!! i think you can combine it perfectly!


  7. 4 geweldige outfits gewoon!
    Echt great job dear!

  8. Such a nice colour! I wish I could wear yellow but it dosent match my skin tone :(

    1. No whyyy :( I don't think the color yellow would look bad on you! Just try it out with different shades of yellow ;)

  9. Love all the looks! And the blouse is amazing! xo

  10. Love your inspired takes on the neon trend!


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