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Monday, May 14, 2012

Studs on Studs on Studs ❤

Ever since I found this Dutch site that sells studs, I have been dying to studs-ify [is that the right verb? lol] every piece of clothing that I own...oke not all of them. But let's just say I wanted my wardrobe to get a little more glammed up. Let me show you my "master pieces".
What I used




I got the studs from! Need square, round, black, silver, gold, bronze, metal studs? They are all available on this site and are super easy to apply. And they are super cheap! For 7 - 8 euro you'll get about 100 pieces!! And no paying a lot of money for shipping costs, because on you pay only 1 for shipping. If you live in Holland or Belguim and you can't wait to studs-ify your wardrobe, hurry to their site to check the studs you want! At the moment the demand is very high, so in 1/2 weeks they'll get more. You can still order though. But once they have every item in stock, they will ship your order within 12 hours! Talk about nice service. Also don't forget to like their facebook page. You can share your creations and be instantly updated on the latest news!

I can't wait to add more studs on my clothing!! Wish to see me with these items on? Let me know! I'd be happy to show you. Except the bra ofcourse! hahaha

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  1. Cute!! Especially love the headbands. I have a sewing machine I have yet to take advantage up. This summer I plan to add a little extra to my style as well :)

    1. That's cool. I wish I had a sewing machine, or was able to sew! But you can always use stick-studs or the ones I used for easy use ;)

  2. Super leuk gedaan meid!
    Love studs ook heel erg,

    Check m'n afgelopen posts als je zin hebt! M'n outfit van vrijdag bijv..

    1. Thanks girly! Ik zal zo een kijkje nemen

  3. Those shorts look so nice!
    You did a really good job!

  4. super vet
    ik hou van STUDS!
    zie de laatste tijd heel veel mensen die zelf met studs te werk gaan!
    heel gaaf

    New outfit post- if the weapon is your love i got my hands up!


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