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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BooHoo Fashion Bloggers Challenge ❤

I just love contests where you have to put together an outfit or something similar like that. So when I saw a contest FashionVouchers was holding, I knew I had to enter. For the ones that don't know FashionVouchers (I didn't know who they were before either), they are a site where you can browse for vouchers and discount codes of your favorite fashion and beauty stores. Because BooHoo recently made the Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites, FashionVouchers launched a new bloggers challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under. The four bloggers with the best outfit will win a £50 voucher from BooHoo (so they can basically buy their outfit). 
                           Printed Belt Dress £10 (original price: £20)
  Skull Necklace £10
     Total price = exactly  £50!

I didn't think it would be so hard to create an outfit with the different items from BooHoo. Not because there wasn't anything I liked, on the contrary..I liked almost everything! That was what made it so hard. But in the end I went for a very feminine dress and matching heels. To mix the sweetness with a little edge, I choose the white skull necklace to toughen it up a little. Definitely an outfit I would wear myself! So I hope I am one of the winners! Keeping my fingers crossed..

If you are thinking about entering as well, here are some of the rules you need to know!
What do you think of my entry? If you have entered, I would love to see your outfit too.

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  1. Is this challenge for people outside of Europe?

    1. I have no idea! Before I entered I sent an email to the organization asking if I could join since I thought it was just for the UK.. They said they took a look at my blog and told me I could. So maybe if you sent them an email they will let you know ;) xx

    2. Hello

      The competition is for all fashion bloggers around the world, however the outfits need to be in £ sterling and from the UK BooHoo website. See more details below:

  2. Zo leuk!!! Ik ga mij misschien ook opgeven ;-). Thanks dat je het meedeelt.
    Toevallig ook morgen aanwezig bij het event van supertrash morgen in de pc hooftstraat?


    1. Ja moet je zeker doen! ;)
      Ik ben zeker aanwezig in de PC Hooftstraat morgen! hoelaat begint het bij Supertrash? xx


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