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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How I Wear My Dotted Top ❤

My latest buy from H&M is this light beige dotted top. It's so cute, feminine and very versatile. Here, I'll show you!

Outfit 1: 
Dotted Top: H&M || Leopard Jeans: H&M || Yellow Shoes: TribecaShoes
Outfit 2: 
Dotted Top: H&M || Skirt: H&M || Shoes:

Outfit 3: 
Dotted Top: H&M || Neon Blouse: New Yorker || Denim Jeans: H&M || Sneakers: Forever21

Outfit 4: 
Dotted Top: H&M || Blazer: H&M || Pants: H&M || (Original Black) Shoes: H&M

Which outfit is your favorite?

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  1. lovely different from one another but all very stylish.

  2. I'm not sure about the first outfit but I like the rest :)

  3. Love all of them ... You are DARING to mix prints with each other ! Love it!!


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