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Monday, October 1, 2012

BlackberGram: Life as this Shopaholic #02 ❤

I still think the name is corny haha, but it lets me countdown to the day I actually get my iPhone. Which is not for a  few more of months, I'm afraid :(
1. A super delicious pancake with bacon I ate at a restaurant in Scheveningen 2. A snapshot of me at the Miele Catwalk 2012 3. I was at dinner and fell in love with this woman's hair color 4. My propaedeutic certificate! 

1. Ice-cream surprise I got on my birthday in the sushi/grill restaurant SUMO 2. A snapshot with my birthday tiara on 3. Gorgeous white peplum dress I found online 4. A yummy and cute cupcake at SWAGFS' ladies night

That was a bit of my September!
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  1. awesome pics!!!!

    p.s. let us know if you would like to follow each other

  2. hi tiffany, im also using a blackberry and couldn't find a nice app that could make my snaps look like instagram. what app are u suing?

    1. Hi Geia!
      I'm using this app called Photo Studio: Editor. But since you have to pay for the total package that unlocks most of the effects, I just finish editing my pictures on


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