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Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebs Styles I Love: Kat Graham ❤

Kat Graham. I'm not really liking her acting on the Vampire Diaries all that much and I think her songs are okay, but when it comes to her fashion style.. she is a total inspiration to me! I love her outfits on and off the red carpet! The ways she mixes and matches her outfits are just amazing. She is definitely not afraid to stand out with her fashion. She has days where she keeps her outfit simple and sleek, and then there are days when she's covered with different patterns or detailed accessories. But no matter what she has on, it all works for her so well. 
At the moment this is by far my favorite outfit of her. Especially because I'm loving the Camo Jacket trend. 
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 What do you think of Kat Graham and her fashion sense?

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  1. Omg, thank you for posting this! I didnt knew who she was but I saw a outfit of her on tumblr and I thought she was so cool lol!

    Btw we are now a wordpress domain :) -->

    XO Chamafashion


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