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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Event: Miss IQ Ambassador 2012 ❤

For everyone that thinks a Miss pageant means more than finding a perfect beauty, but also about helping the world as much as you can, I have the perfect event for you! I'm talking about the Miss IQ Ambassador 2012. This beauty pageant is completely different than any other beauty pageants you're used too. Here it isn't all about the beauty combined with the brains, but also about having a big heart and giving back. 
picture from: IQ Beauty facebook page
The finals of the Miss IQ Ambassador 2012 will take place on Friday 26th of October in Koning Events located in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. 
By attending this event, you will help tons of children in the Caribbean have a chance at a much better life. The proceeds of this evening will all be donated to: Stichting Shimaruku in Curaçao. On this evening there will also be some quality pieces that are being auctioned to raise more money. All of the misses participating will present their own pieces that they donated for this auction. 

The ultimate Miss to win the title of Miss IQ Ambassador will win, a 10 day trip to Curaçao, a professional photoshoot by Gofert de Roos and lots of other prices. As the face of Miss IQ Ambassador 2012 you will not only engage in the projects that are being financed by the donation, but also get time to explore the island There is going to be a full documentary report afterwards about the whole trip and activities, so that everyone can follow the journey as well.

One of the reasons why I stand fully behind this event is, because I was born and raised in Curaçao. I  definitely know how the situation is at the moment, so we can definitely use the financial help. This is the first year of the Miss IQ Foundation, but they already have big plans for the future. Another reason why I support this event is, because one of my best friends is participating and I am rooting for her. 
Xiomayra Hoever. photo from: IQ Beauty facebook page
I'm definitely going to be at this event, but if you want to be there as well to make a difference in a child's life, you can buy your tickets through my friend. Her name is Xiomayra Hoever and you can find her on facebook. Just let her know the type and quantity of tickets you'll need:
*Vip Tickets || 60
Around the catwalk, at a table with BN'ers, ambassadors or sponsors. The entire evening you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks, and you will have your private butler. This seat is great for networking, and you'll have the best view.
*Second Range || 20
You'll sit behind the VIP section, and will be served with snacks and drinks twice this evening. At these seats you will also be able to network and have a good view as well. 
* Third Range || 12.50
These seats are on the upper floor with a big screen and ability to look down on the catwalk.

For more information about the Foundation Miss IQ Ambassador, the finals and/or how to become a sponsor, please feel free to visit their website and facebook page.

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