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Saturday, December 1, 2012

BlackberGram: Life as this Shopaholic #04 ❤

And like that, we're at the last month of this year. I'm very excited for everything that's coming up in December. And I'm very excited for everything else I got going on next year! It's good to be looking forward to the future. But something it's also fun to look back to all the fun things that happened. Here are some  of my random snapshots from November.
1. I still regret not buying these Studded Boots :( They were so comfortable 2. I was on my way home when I saw this poster. Had to take a picture 3. Big box full of H&M goodies 4. Saw these cute little mirror ornaments for the Christmas tree

1. I was in Eindhoven with some of the TCB bloggers and we saw these cute trees outside 2. A funny drawing on a desk I was sitting at at school 3. Been buying a lot of home decorations these past few weeks 4. A sneak peek of an outfit post coming up on le blog soon

Those were little bits of my November!
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