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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Goals ❤

In the Netherlands it is exactly 00:00 so I wanna wish all of my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR
I always get excited for new years, because it's a chance for me to set new goals and seize new opportunities. Every end of the year I make a list, with all my realistic (and unrealistic) resolutions. It just gets me that more excited to start off the new year.

In 2013 I want to...
* Take my blog that more serious and really try to create more exposure. I'm hoping to get invited more for fashion shows, press events, store launches and other fashion/blogger/beauty events.

* Be motivated enough to get back in the gym and get in a better, healthier shape.

* Finally finish re-decorating my entire home, just the way I always pictured it. 
* Travel as much as I can to places like: London, Paris and Milan. I love short-stay (shopping) trips and I love the fact that living in the Netherlands has made it that much easier. 

* Enjoy life more.

2013 will definitely be a great year, I can feel it. Hope you feel the same way! And hopefully you'll stick around my blog this year too <3<3<3 I'd appreciate it a whole lot.

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