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Monday, May 6, 2013

SHOPPING TIP: ZAKYRA + Discount Code ❤

I don't think I've ever heard or will ever hear any woman say that they have too much shoes. I mean why would they? Shoes are awesome! They can instantly take your simple outfit to a whole new fashionable level! And speaking of fashionable, I'm about to introduce an online shop where it's all about statement shoes!
ZAKYRA shoes: Unique, Trendy and Affordable. Three of my favorite things when it comes to shoes. They're all about offering you limited editions. All shoes have a total of about 11 pieces max in stock, so you being somewhat unique is guaranteed! Shipping in the Netherlands is free and takes up to 2-5 workdays. 

A couple of days ago me and the owner Nayo Baez had a lovely conversation and decided to do some fun little collaborations! The first one is a discount code for all of my lovely readers. When you're about to check out on Zakyra, just use discount code: cotshopaholic and get 10% off on the entire collection! Below are some of my favorites from Zakyra. All shoes cost no more than 60, so the discount code is just a super bonus! :)
To keep in touch with all things Zakyra, I suggest you like their facebook and follow them on twitter. And definitely stay tuned for our second collaboration! It's gonna be awesomeeee :D

What do you think of Zakyra shoes? I would love to know which shoes you're gonna get with the discount code!

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  1. Wat een gave hakken zeg!

    Helaas heb ik al te veel schoenen :p

  2. ive already 2 pairs of shoes from Zakyra, and theyre so awesome!! love them very much, and if im gonna buy a new pair i think its gonna be the black one with the ribbon. (Vankie vdb)

    1. They are awesome indeedddd!! Thanks for commenting AND liking my page :D And if you're going to buy another ZAKYRA shoe, don't forget the codeee xo


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