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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last day of my Internship ❤

Remember when I first blogged about starting my internship? Well, just like that 15 weeks have gone by and today was my last day! I feel like the days flew by. It's a very bitter sweet moment. To celebrate my last day, my boss took me and two of my closest coworkers out for drinks in the sun. To my surprise it started raining gifts :D
They knew I was super girly hahah! <3 But my favorite and the most meaningful gift was this photoframe. They picked out words they thought described me and I must say this is very accurate hahah. So nice to realize that even in a short period of time they really got to know me! :D

I'm reallyyyyyyy gonna miss all of them! <3 But now it's time for me to start enjoying a little vacay time before my next chapter in life starts. 

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  1. Congrats on your internship and success! Would love to hear reviews about these products! and I hope for more success for you in the future


  2. wow!!!a great blog!!!all the best for your internship.the blog is very interesting.keep blogging.



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