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Saturday, October 26, 2013

New In: Primark Zoetermeer Haul ❤

I've been praying to the Shopping Gods for a Primark store to open closer to the Hague. I know there's one in Rotterdam Alexander, but it's a bit too far for my quick shopping trip moods. And since the one in the Hague will open until Fall 2014, I was sooo happy to hear there was one opening in Zoetermeer end of October. So ofcourse I wanted to attend to opening. Initially, I wanted to be there when the doors opened. But after seeing pictures of HOW crowded it actually was, I was glad I chose to stay in bed a little longer.

I arrived around 1 o'clock and there was a lot of security, iron fences and still a very long line outside. Inside it was even more crowded. I even heard some people got light-headed and fainted due to the amount of people. Normally I hate shopping in a crowded store, but there was no way I was leaving empty-handed!

FINALLY got myself a onesieeee <3 They are so comfortable guys!

 I also bought some bras & panties, which I'm not going to show. But I will say this: Primark bras are the best bras I ever bought. They're so cute, so comfortable and so cheap. I am never buying bras elsewhere again lol.

Too cute, right?

I'm gonna have no problem drinking water out of this cute little bottle!
No wonder I went home with three full Primark bags! One almost got ripped completely on my way back home, so embarrassing! I can't way to go back some other time and pick up other goodies I missed on this first trip. I love Primark!

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  1. .>.< I regret not going to Primark's opening. xD I'm loving your haul!!

  2. De witte top met diamanten kraag heb ik ook, maar dan van de zara hahaha hij is echt precies het zelfde!

  3. Wat leuk allemaal! Moet echt snel langs de Primark gaan. Staat op me to do list before the baby comes :)


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