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Monday, January 6, 2014

PRIMARK SS14 Collection ❤

I'm sure you must have seen the PRIMARK SS14 Collection featured on a lot of fashion blogs already, but I for one just can not get over it! I loooove that this new collection consists of sweet bubblegum colors, tropical prints, white x white, monochrome trend and holographic items! The entire collection is separated into different themes, like: 'Bubblegum High', 'Polaroid Nostalgia', 'Sandstorm', 'Dream Punk', 'Hip Trip' and 'Modern Couture'. I can not wait for this collection to be available in stores here in the Netherlands. I LITERALLY CAN NOT WAIT!!!! 

Seeing all the pictures taken on the press day, makes me so jealous that I wasn't there. But seeing the clothes makes me oh so happy. And knowing that they will be available for purchase in just a couple of months, gives me butterflies lol. 
photo: frockmeimfamous
photo: frockmeimfamous
photo: fashionscene
photo: stylejusteasier
photo: beautylab
(1) Seeing this white/pink matching separates for the very first time, I FREAKED OUT! I got so obsessed with it ever since! This outfit will hopefully be the very first thing I pick up. (2) I love the round retro-but-not-completely sunglasses. (3) For some reason I fell in love with this outfit and the fact that they are two completely different patterns but fit perrrrrfffff together! 

 I long for the summer, thus the days I get to wear this amazing collection! <3


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