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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Touch of Gold: Diewilikhebben Sandals ❤


A couple of months ago I received some gold heeled sandals from DieWilIkHebben and it completely crossed my mind that I haven't really shown you guys on-pictures of them yet. So when I wore the shoes a couple of days ago, I made sure to take some pictures for the blog. Butt.... the  most unfortunate thing just happened, as the pictures accidentally got deleted off of my camera :( So I had to do some quick improvising and snapped these pictures. 
Gold Shoes
No my camera isn't broken, I just really like this effect lol
Gold Shoes
Gold Shoes
Even though I am obsessed with shoes, I generally do not like feet and toes lol. That is why I'm really liking the strapped-all-over heels lately. Because they cover your feet so nicely and make them look kind of elegant. And all though I'm more used to wearing thicker heels, these did not really tire me as I initially thought they would. And as you can (hopefully) see in the pictures, the shoes have a double strap at the ankles as well which prevented my feet from slipping as I walked. These are just my second pair of shoes, but hopefully I'll be rocking more of their shoes in this upcoming summer! But of course, you can rock their shoes all year round! Aaaand DWIH has also just launched their newest product, the SHOECANDY! So definitely stay tuned for more of that on my blog soon. 

Oh, and the nail polish I'm wearing on my toes are the HEMA Long Lasting Polish in the mint green color 842. Just in case anyone was wondering...

Thanks so much again Agnes! :D


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  1. Girll !! You need to do a shoe collection cause you be buying new shoes every damn week !!
    Nice pair though

    1. Hahah! I have been thinking about doing an entire collection! ;)

  2. Strappy heels are always a good idea ;):D!

    Love, Farah

  3. Echte mooie feestschoenen, al zeg ik het zelf :) Xx

  4. Amazing!! I love it!


  5. So cute!
    Kiersten Devereaux


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