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Friday, April 4, 2014

Two Buns Hair Style ❤

Happy Friday lovies! Let's talk about this fun hair style that's apparently a super big trend at the moment: the Two Buns Hair Style. Some of you might think it's the most ridiculous thing ever, while some of you might think it's uber cool. Because I myself couldn't make up my mind about it yet, I decided to try it on on my own hair. 
two buns hair style for summer
This is the result! I'm actually still not sure how I like it (on me), but it's not horrific. I definitely think this is a cute hair style for a day outdoors. And the messier the buns, the cooler it looks. For a more playful look, I added a blue flower crown from Forever21. 

I'll definitely try this hair style again, and this time I'll try to make my hair buns a little messier and bigger. For now, I won't be leaving the house like this. But who knows, maybe in the summer I've changed my mind! :)

What do you think about the Two Buns Hair Style? Let me know in the comment section.


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  1. Aww the buns are super cute!!!! I need to try this. I always do pigtails below the neck, but this bun look makes me think of Princess Leia

    Live Life in Style
    Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers

    1. Thank you! :D Haha yes I used to the high pig tails (even in high school :p)

  2. I love this trend! It actually looks amazing on you, I'm gonna try it on today, I used to have this hairstyle when I was a little girl. You were inspiration to me today :)

    1. Oh my gosh this is honestly one of the sweetest comments ever, thank you so much <3

    2. You're welcome! I tried it yesterday :)

  3. it looks very good on you! you have a lovely blog! have a nice weekend girl x

  4. aww thanks Shannon, I actually think adding a hair accessory to this hair style actually looks way better haha!

  5. you looks absolutely adorable! The headband adds extra cuteness to it. it suits you tiffy ^__^


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