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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outfit: Twinkeltje Twinkeltje Little Star ❤

Hello lovies,

I haven't done a proper outfit post in such a long time, but I was really excited after shooting today so here it goes! Monochrome is still one of my most favorite all-time trends, but I always like to add something extra to this look. Like my favorite denim booties! The blouse I'm wearing today was a gift from a trendy Dutch online shop called It's definitely one of those type of blouses that can literally be worn in so many different ways. As you can see this time I dressed it up a little, but throw on a pair of converse and it'll look just as trendy. white button blouse review white button blouse review
Now as you can see the blouse is slightly see-through, which I didn't realize at first. But it's nothing an appropriate color bra can't fix! I think what I appreciate the most is the circle cut-out detailing at the top, the back and the sleeves. It would have been such a plain white blouse without it (which I'm not saying is bad), but I just love when a basic item turns out to be not-so basic! And because it's so versatile, you can wear it to school, to dinner, even on a fun date since it's super flowy and comfortable. But if white is not really your color, or you're clumsy (don't worry we all are sometimes) you can get them in different colors. white button blouse review white button blouse review
Top - c/o
Leggings - Boohoo
Jacket - H&M

What do you guys think the complete outfit? I really want to start doing more outfit pictures!


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  1. oooeeh love it!!! indeed monochrome is very nice & chic &pretty!! xxx

  2. Pretty!! I love your jacket!

  3. I really like the back of that shirt, and how the little square patterns seem to match the polka dots on your pants!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  4. Love your outfit , you look pretty.

    By the way , if you would like to follow each other's blog on GFC .my link is above , i always follow back . thanks.

  5. Beautiful pullover!!
    do you follow me:


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