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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New In: Chunky Cleated Sole Heels ❤

Heey lovelies,

My love for cleated sole heels hasn't died down yet and these new white babies of mine are proof. I had my eyes on the River Island white platforms and Missguided black platforms for forever now, but they were always way too expensive for my taste. Let alone the JC Scully's! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw these white/black chunky heels for JUST 5 POUNDS on To be honest, I really had my doubts, because what if it was just too good to be true? I decided I wouldn't know unless I find out for myself. And so my order was placed... The mail man woke me up super early today, but when I saw the package was shaped like a shoebox I was a happy camper :) 5 pound chunky cleated sole platforms 5 pound chunky cleated sole platforms 5 pound chunky cleated sole platforms
Unlike the box it came in, the quality of these shoes definitely exceeded my expectations. They look nothing like I initially thought £5 shoes would look like. Let's hope when I get more use out of them, they remain in tact as well. But as for, I'm definitely keeping my eyes out for more pairs to add to my shoe collection.

Would you ever risk buying shoes soooo cheap online?


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  1. Ik heb de River Island white platforms mwuhaha.. Maar deze zijn ook echt prachtig! Misschien zelfs wel leuker.

    1. Ik was echt zo lang verliefd op die hé, maar ik vond het altijd zonde om het geld uit te geven hehe.

  2. Oh wat zijn ze mooi! Niet te geloven hoe goedkoop. Platforms zijn echt tof

  3. Amazing heels LOVE it!!! And you have a great blog. Let me know if you want we follow each other by GFC, bloglovin', google+, etc. I hope so: I'll be waiting for you!!!

    *Keep in touch ;)
    ABSOkisses!!! Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn

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  4. I cannot believe those were £5! That's amazing - definitely worth risking it and trying them out!

    Drea xo

  5. Oh WOW what a bargain! I love heels like those, they look amazing :) There must me horrible working conditions behind those prices though, but where not...



  6. love the contrasting sole! great find.

  7. Gaaf!! Benieuwd hoe je ze gaat combineren :)


  8. They're so cool! Love them!

    X Laura

  9. These are gorgeous, I just wish I could walk in heels this high! I've had a few pairs of Truffle shoes and they've always been excellent value :) xx

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  10. Those shoes are AMAZING! And for just £5?! Definitely having a look on their site xx

    - Nina // Lunar Look

  11. Ja!! Echt iets voor jou. Heb je bij h&m gekeken? Die hebben ook zoiets dacht ik

    1. Ja ik zag ze online inderdaad. Wel een beetje anders maar dezelfde soort cleated soles en veel duurder hehehe

  12. Wow! I love these but I'm not sure I could walk in them, hehe :P Lovely bargain though for only £5! :D Awesome.

    Jemma xx

  13. very cute shoes, cant believe they were only that cheap.
    love them!


  14. they're really awesome! and can i say that I love your big lipstick? haha! xo

  15. very cool shoes...
    i'm a new follower(ColorBlock) follow me back if you want

  16. OMG! Those shoes look amazing! Can't believe that they only cost £5 as well!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  17. they're amazing for £5! crazy

    from helen at

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  18. LOVE these! They are so pretty cant believe that they were only £5 how awesome! X

  19. They are amaaazeballs!! Absolutely perfect <3
    xx Ama


  20. lovely 90ties!!!!!!


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