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Monday, January 25, 2016

How You & Your Friends Can Become Squad Goals ❤

If you've been somewhat living on social media for the past year (I'm not judging I swear), there's no way the hashtag squadgoals didn't cross your path at least a thousand times. It definitely became a thing after Taylor Swift decided to bring her posse of "Bad Blood" bad girls along to last year's VMAs. Ever since then girls everywhere have been aspiring to become just as fierce as the OG squad and continuously attempt to display just how tight their friendship bond really is, no matter how big or small of a group. 
How to Become Squad Goals
If you and your friends dream of obtaining that absolute level of 'goals', keep reading because I've gathered tons of cool props and clothing to help you parade your squadness

How to Become Squad Goals
Plan the ultimate Instagram photo sesh with these [1] gold letter balloons! Or show everyone how dope and close your squad is with these phone cases: [2] golden gun (also available in black), [3] squad goals (also available in black) and [4] fashion squad. And hit the gym together with this adorable [5] gym squad water bottle
How to Become Squad Goals
Another fun photo shoot prop is this [6] #SquadGoals banner. To make this shoot even more fun, urge your gals to get matching squad merchandise, like this [7] bralet top and [8] back slogan tee.  Fashionable friends need fashionable phone cases, so these [9] all black fashion squad and [10] trio fashion squad cases are perfect! 
How to Become Squad Goals
Do you and your gang occasionally pretend to be top models? Then you guys NEED this [11] white crewneck sweater! Want to announce to everyone your group of friends is the ultimate girl gang? You can with this [12] #GirlGang sweater, [13] definition sweater and [14] denim jacket

I hope you all have grasped that you should in no way take this post too serious. But tbh, you know you're lying if you have never ever wanted to take a squad goals pic with your friends hahaha. 

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