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Friday, October 22, 2010

Definition: Shopaholic ♥

Shopaholic : A person who shops compulsively or very frequently.

So, Shopaholic doesn't mean you buy a lot at those slightly more expensive stores.
It just means, you love to shop. Doesn't matter where.
I love to shop, I really love it. I am more and less fortunate than others. Everybody is.

Don't: Be afraid to say you shop at the "market" (Dutch: de markt)
The word may seem cheap, but the first time I've been there.. Woww! You can find the coolest and prettiest things at the market, for an unbelievable price! Stuff you would normally get for a much higher price in the store, you could get it for 50% off.. Sometimes even more!
So don't be ashamed! Because you know why? The market is always full of people. So you're definitely not the only one buying there...
Do: Take in consideration that you can not always afford the more expensive brands, like Baby Phat, Birkenstock, Ugg etc. But no dissapointment here, there are always similar brands that are cheaper! And in the mean while, you can save up the buy the real deal !



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