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Friday, October 22, 2010

MNY makeup ♥

Have you heard about Maybelline's 'sister' brand makeup?
It's called MNY Cosmetics and they are soooooooooo affordable!
No joke! All the items are for less than €3 !!!
In the Netherlands they are only available in 'Etos', so be sure to go get them..
Here is a little clip, I found on

The same day I first heard about it, I went to 'Etos' to buy some of their products.
I didn't buy every single product, yet! I first wanted to test out a few before I get the whole collection!

Here is a picture of the products I have so far..

from left to right:
1. My balm 375 €1.99
2. My gloss TB 295 €1.99
3. My gloss TB 397 €1.99
4. My penc 010 €1.99
5. My penc 030 €1.99
6. My gloss 281 €2.99
7. My gloss 285 €2.99
8. My gloss 160 €2.99
9. My blush 501 €2.99
10. My blush 201 €2.99
11. My blush 401 €2.99

I must say, I love this brand so far. And I will buy the rest of the collection. So keep posted! Want to see the whole collection?

Did you try it already? What was your opinion? Leave a comment!



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