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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My 8-week Water Challenge ♥

Simple: Water is good for your body.
Water regulates your body temperature, transports oxygen to your cells and protects organs. And there is less chance for dehydration.
But for a teenage girl like me water is important because I get a clearer skin, healthier hair etc. etc.

I have never really been a fan of drinking water. Never!
People ask me "how can you not love drinking water? It has no taste" < EXACTLY!

Water has no taste, no color and that's why I prefer a coke 1000x more than water!

these 8 weeks are going to be different!

For beginning of November till the end of 2010, I decided to have my own drink-water challenge..

Since yesterday was Nov 1., I started yesterday..
I made up my own rules just to keep it fun..

A week has 7 days..
so by Day1, I should drink at least one bottle of water. By Day2 at least 2.. By Day3 at least 3 and so you get my point. I am of course allowed to drink more bottles than the minimum!
Note: my bottle is one of 50cl.. (Babysteps for me, people! lol)
And so I go on until week 8, which is at the end of December!

I am excited to see the end result.. So I am really into my own challenge and am very motived to go on!

Join me in my 8 week challenge!!!

Have another beauty-related challenge? I'd love to hear about them.. Comment!


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