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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My obsession this Season ♥

Every season has different trends. And everyone has different ones they love.
This fall/winter is full of new trends, and these are some of my favorites..

For the ones that didn't know.. Polyvore is a website used by fashion and art lovers where you can mix and match outfits and create your own set. I love Polyvore. For me it is kind of a before-going-shopping guide. In my head I create the "perfect" look -for an event or whatever, with the help of Polyvore! When I'm finished getting all my items together as one outfit, I can see if my perfect outfit was as perfect in my head as it is when I actually put them together. If it is,when I go shopping I know what I'm looking for right away. It's fun and it saves me a whole lot of time!

Trends you might recognize in my set are:

1. Leopard Print - I think this is my all time favorite this season.. I have sooo many things in leopard print.. I just can't stop buying them!
2. Military - To me it feels as I'm just as strong as the real deal! But of course more femenine.. And more fashionable!
3. MNY Maybelline Cosmetics - You read me talk about this cosmetic line already! Since I've bought some of the products, I used at least one of them everyday..
4. Soft Pink Lipstick - What can i say? Love it !
5. Winter Gloves - Winter is coming up! And I want to be as prepared as possible. I bought one pair in Leopard Print as well.. I'm obsessed okay!!
6. Flower Power - These past few weeks I noticed I bought a lot of flowery accessories! From rings, to necklaces to even hair accessories! They are cute and very girly and liven up your outfit.
7. Black Leather Leggings - Just like every girl needs a LBD, we need a BLL as well!
8. Ear warmers and Bows - Hey, they're cute!
9. Knee Socks - I was never fond of them before, but after seeing some street looks I totally am!
10. Wedges - In my next post, I'll talk a little about the ones I recently bought!
11. Tall Boots - Uhmm.. No description needed, I think! But if you must > Edgy and Stylish.. duh!

What are YOUR favorites this season?



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