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Friday, November 5, 2010

What's Pretty and Comfortable? ♥


Remember I had a post about how I love wedges? Scroll down!
So I decided to order one pair from AlysaMode and I got them deliverd about 1 week ago!

I was really excited to wear them so yesterday I finally did at a class trip to the club in Rotterdam..
My feet didn't hurt the whole night! Usually when I'm wearing heels I am not able to dance through the night because of the pain and uncomfortable feeling heels give my feet. But not wedges! I was so impressed! It's because of the heels that runs from the end of the foot till in the middle. So it gives it a stable feeling, so you can dance the whole night plus walk a couple of miles back home! Pretty and Comfortable, it couldn't have been better!

These are the :
Kirsten Kaki
Code: FZ -135 KK

Sorry for the unprofessional photos and the change in color..
If you go on their website you'll see the actual khaki color it really has.

Now that I got me a pair of wedges, I definitely want to purchase a few more!

What do you think? Are they a DO or a DON'T for you?!


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  1. I have one my self to...And itss like walking with cushions on ur feets :)


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