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Saturday, November 6, 2010

"We want Lanvin, Not Flowers.." ♥

23 november is THE day! And if I wasn't in this sort of money crisis right now, I would be even more excited!!

I already love everything about H&M.. But the fact that on this day, "Lanvin voor H&M" launches, makes it even more loveable. Want more info about the collection and such? Here is the 'LANVIN TO DESIGN EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION FOR H&M THIS AUTUMN' press release.
The idea (in Holland, I don't know about elsewhere) of this date is that the first 320 people in line get one of the 16 different colored wristbands. Only females get wristbands. For the collection of males there are no wristbands. Lucky them, because these wristbands indicate which time you get to enter. Every shopper gets ONLY 15 minutes in the shop! But here is the catch: There is a purchase limit of 1 piece or 1 size per item!! Sad part is = Sold out means SOLD OUT! Girlscene.

There is something sooo special about the whole campaign. Everything has something so unique, girly and stylish at the same time.. If you see the site, the logo, the clothes hangers, the shopping bags etc. It is just soo cool! So original! And God knows fashion is all about originality!!

Got excited about it? Get ready to wake up EARLY or just sleep in front of the shop all night if you must.. joke! Or maybe, a few Lanvin-crazies will actually do it. But I doubt it.

If you live in one of these 4 cities, consider yourself lucky >
Amsterdam: Kalvertoren & Nieuwendijk
Den Haag: Wagenstraat
Rotterdam: Beursplein
Utrecht: Radboudkwartier

I would tell you all about Lanvin and the Lanvin [hearts] H&M! But I think it's better if you read about it yourself, to really see what items you like and to really get to know about this collection!
So here you go babes:

What are you thoughts? Marking 23 november on your reminder or what?
Let me know, what pieces you thought looked fabulous and tell me which ones you'll leave on the racks!



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