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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashiolista. ♥ your style!

Shopping made easy, or EASIER!

Fashiolista is this site where you can find a lot of items all handpicked by fashiolistas. There are some really cute, stylish, edgy items.. from shoes, to pants, to rings, to uhm.. in other words: EVERYTHING! you can follow, get followed, "love" the items.. and the best part: you can immediately go to the original site of the items you "loved". That way if you really want to buy the item, you'll know where to find it and see the rest of the collection that the site has to offer! So so so so so easy! and FUN!

I am not really good at explaining how cool this site is. Just go and take a look for yourself. Take a look at my "loved" items. Don't worry, those are just a few of all the cool things you can find up here. follow me:

I even added a widget to my sidebar, it will show every new item I "loved"! Add one to yours too :) And I added a fashiolista button to my google chrome, so whenever I see something I really like, I press the button and be the first one to "find" that item on fashiolista :)

Did you know about the site already, or did I learn you something new? :D

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