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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sucker 4 Rings ♥

True Story: I can not leave any store without buying at least one ring!
I can't !!

Yesterday when I was in Rotterdam to meet my bestfriend, we kinda lost each other before we even saw each other.. She had low battery, I had no phone credit. #iwaspanicking.
Not wanting to seem like I was so lost in a city that wasn't my own.. I decided to enter some stores. If I was lucky enough, I would find my friend in one of them.
I wasn't that lucky.. I was waaaay more lucky! I found 3 really really really cool rings.. Prepare to die! :)

this one is from H&M:
My camera's focus sucks ASS! I'm sorryyy..

these two are from Claire's:


Out of all the 3, the last one is my favorite! I just love how big it is, i love all the rhinestones, and most definitely i love how many people I know would actually not wear this.

Ps. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my nail color lately. So just in case you were wondering.. It's the 504 Fresh Teal from Milani. I bought it at Otro Kara in Curaçao. It might be available in Holland as well. Maybe not the brand, but I'm sure the color is :)

Do you like them? I wanted to wait to show them till I did an actual outfit shot.. but I was too excited. Sorry again, my camera isn't the best to get a good focus on things.

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  1. i love rings as well, my favorite is the last one, its such a statement


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