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Friday, January 14, 2011

H&M Spring Collection '11♥

Winter is fun with snow and all. But Spring has got to hurry her ass up!
I'm longing for the days where I can wear blouses again. And heels with knee-high-socks, not because it's cold and you can't wear heels barefoot..but because I feel like it.

H&M (my favorite store since I've been in Holland) however, is one step ahead of the season and has already stocked their stores with the 2011 Spring Collection! And can you believe it, some of the new items are already SOLD OUT!

If you haven't checked it out online ( or haven't been to the store yet (like me), here is a little sneakpeak:

These are just a few I liked..If you want to see the whole collection, be sure to visit either the site or just go to the store :)

What pieces are you getting?



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