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Friday, January 14, 2011

Gucci Baby♥

We all know Gucci, but we don't all wear it..cause we can't all afford it. #notfair
But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves with the oh-so-perfect Gucci campaigns for SS 2011.

These are pictures that show it's all about the accessories:

As if the pictures weren't perfect enough to probably take away your breath and make you wish you could feed your expensive taste, Gucci also created an in-motion campaign.

Never in my life have I seen that much perfection and eye for details in one video. Have you noticed how all the females are wearing bright red lipstick and the males are wearing more of a soft pink shade? The smallest details that would normally not get your attention, but these are the things that make high fashion.

I want to give out a special thanks to a friend of mine with who I share a common love for high fashion and the big dream that comes with it. [Shout Out to Riordan]
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  1. I just love the spark in every picture!!! #amazing. One day I'll get one, FOR SURE!


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