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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love my name♥

They say love comes in a little blue box. Clearly, that's what it says in the picture..and I totally agree.

Tiffany & Co. (for the ones that didn't know, my name is Tiffany.. maybe you get the title of this post now hihi. Wouldn't it be awesome if I was the actual owner of this brand? Free jewelry for every follower lol) has been the world's premier jeweler since 1853. Their jewelry is pretty! Not to extravagant, but still very elegance. I wish one day I would be lucky enough to find my perfect future husband who would buy me my first blue box: a gorgeous engagement ring.
After that, I wouldn't mind buying more blue boxes myself, cause uhmmmm in case you didn't know.. I'm going to be this really successful and rich businesswoman one day :) hahah #BIGDREAMS

I'm so obsessed about the cute box (I even saw a pink Tiffany box) and the fact that me and this amazing jewelry brand share names, that I don't even care which pieces I would want to get..
I just want to say: "Hi my name is Tiffany and yes these are Tiffany's"

Do you have a name that you share with a famous brand? Or maybe a famous celebrity?



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