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Sunday, January 16, 2011

my nails are Swarovski♥

So a friend of mine (Check out her blog: Agirlstoughts) was asking if she should "swarovskify" her nails or not..I got that word from her :) I then totally remembered I saw this picture a couple of days ago..

Aren't they swaggarific?.. Is that a word? I feel like I've heard it before.. Niw, these nails are covered with real Swarovski crystals.

I would love love loooooove to have nails like this.. but I'm too lazy to DIM (do-it-myself).. which you totally can!

Obviously you're going to need:
-the Swarovski nails (If you can't find or afford these, I'd say get some fake crystals!)
-nail glue of high quality
-clear nail polish
-colored nail polish (Get crystals and nail polish in silver if you want it like the picture)
-last but not least: lots of PATIENCE!!!

The steps are:
1. Make sure you're nails are clear. If you have nail polish, make sure to remove them well.
2. Color your nails with the colored nail polish of your choice.
3. To avoid getting messy with the nail glue, drop a small amount on a toothpick and cover the part of your nail with it.
4. Pick up to Swarovksi (fake) crystals with a tweezer (the grip is much easier that way) and place it on the glue spot on your nail. Keep doing this until your nails are full covered. Here is where the patience need to kick in. It can be difficult getting all the crystals in the right places and making them all fit perfectly. It does all depend on the size of your nails, size of the crystals, the quality of your nail glue and your hand coordination. Because I'm right-handed, usually my left nails are much nicer than the other way around. Sounds familiar? So if you think you can't handle doing both your hands, let someone else like a friend or a cousin do your other hand. Wouldn't want one hand to look ultra-stylish and the other all messy right?
5. After all your nails are covered, let the glue dry for about 8-10 minutes. Be careful with your hand movements when the glue is not totally dry yet. This could cause lotz of frustration when even one crystal gets out of place.
6. When you're 200% sure the glue is dry, it's time for the clear nail polish. Let them dry for about 10 minutes.
7. Look fabulously stylish with your shimmering nails!

I WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS LOOK! or any other weird/unique/stylish nail look you might have tried out..



  1. Ik heb ze via ebay gekocht =)
    Ik ben wel op zoek naar andere, dus als ik die vind verkoop ik ze maar eerder niet.
    In nederland heb ik ze nog nooit gezien verder.

  2. Awwww Love itt!! I did swarovskify btw, but i went with a design on my 2 ring fingers. I am saving the full nail design for an event:)


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