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Monday, January 10, 2011

a little Primark♥

So a few days before New Year I decided to go back to Primark (the first time, the doors were closed right in front of me and my best friend's face- not cool, lol. and the second time i didn't really felt like buying anything!)
So i had to come back..

I think for a lot of people, Primark is a little piece of heaven. That explains why the store is always packed with people. All running like wild ants.

I wouldn't buy clothes here that easily, cause they're not really my style. A little bit old-fashion and old-looking, to my opinion. But what I couldn't get enough off was the jewelry, duh! So many cute stuff for such cute prices. I think that's why that aisle is always full, you have to literally push people out of the way just to get a glimpse.

These are the ones I had the chance to get:

2 pearl bracelets with a detailed flower in the color soft pink and pearl-ish color.

1 golden bracelet with 2 rhinestoned and pearled flowers.

1 golden layered necklace with pearls and charms.
tip: don't remove the plastic little card thingy that holds the necklace in place until you will actually wear it. It tangles really fast.

I bought another pair of heels for just €9,- (it was on sale). Stay tuned.

How about you? What's your story on Primark?



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