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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nailpolish Junkie♥

I can't go longer than a week without some color on my nails. I think it brightens up a whole outfit if you have nailpolish. In the past I loved getting a french manicure at the salon, but nowadays I am using more color. The Brighter, the Better!
I just color them in the mood I'm in.. One day I can color them pink, the next day you'll see me with purple.. and then next week with teal.. To me it really doesn't matter which color, as long as it has color!
I don't have a favorite nail polish brand, I just buy the colors I like! One day when I have a really BIG collection of polishes, I'll definitely post a picture.

Lately I have been very inspired by some nailpolish looks I've seen on the streets and other blogs.. It seems like almost every fashion blogger is obsessed with nail polish this season. This is me sharing my likes :)

You have the Soft colors:
1. nude (isn't that a ring from Primark? I think I have the bracelet that belongs to this ring.) 2. glittery plum 3. real soft pink

Bright colors:

1. purple
2. indian red
3. bright yellow
4. teal ( that is the same color of my "sucker 4 rings" post)

Spring looks:

I like these designs a lot! PERFECT for spring, really floral and cute!

Statement nails: who doesn't love making a statement?

1. pink with chanel
2. crazy blue & lime
3. glow in the dark (sooo awesome)
4. silver sparkles
5. leopard (I want to do this! but when I really got all the time of the world)

Want to suprise your boyfriend? or make a real impression on your crush?
Try this!

Write his name on your nail!
They have special nail polishes with really thin brushes, especially for nail art!

Don't have a boyfriend? No problem! Write your bff's name and she'll write yours.. And make this design a best friend forever-edition! :D

What did you think of all the looks?
Got inspired? By which one? :) Let me know!
Also comment if you do have a favorite brand, favorite color or if you recommend one :D

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  1. I love them all!! I'm also a total nailpolish junkie, I have like more than 40.. hahah Still collecting more and more! Nice post!

  2. Ah I love the; teal, purple and leopard! so nice!
    finally letting my nails grow, can't wait to tryout the leopard! <3
    Too bad i barely got nail polish and that i aint that creative with it :(

    cause i love nail polish and creativity <3


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