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Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Girly ♥

I'm sure many many many many of you know the site named Tumblr, right????
Because if you DON'T...!!!!!

 biggie! haha I'll just take this time and explain it a little.

How do I explain tumblr? hmmm..
First of all, I l-o-v-e it!
It's about sharing your inspirations and expressing yourself through beautiful pictures, text, videos..just anything.
On tumblr you can really just be your own person. The moment you log on to tumblr, it's your world. You express the way you feel and no one can judge you. People can like your stuff, they can reblog it, they can follow you, but they can't judge you.
It's this site that made me realize that there are so many people just like you. At one point, we all feel the same way, we all want to do the same things, and we all think the same thoughts. Amazing!

My tumblr is really girly, luxe and pink (duh!) and I just love to go through it.
It's about fashion, makeup, beauty, cute things, celebs i adore.. and just things i wish i could afford. Tumblr isn't about the popularity (some tumblrs have about 500,000 followers, I swear!!!!) but I am so excited to have 500 followers. It gives you the feeling that you connect with people. That's why there's a quote going around that.. "facebook makes you hate people you know in real life- but tumblr makes you like people you never even met". I totally agree!

Curious yet? You should be. Make a tumblr today!!
For the ones that already did, take a look at beinggirly.
Follow me if you like :) and send me a message, i love getting those.
Share your tumblr and I promise to check it out and leave you one too.

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  1. Tumblr is great!!
    Did you make the illustrations in your header yourself? they're awesome!!

  2. Hi lady! Saw your comment on my blog, feel free to link my site where ever you want! <3

  3. Tumblr sounds great! Might have to make one lol!

    From a new follower.
    Follow me! :) xx

  4. thanks for sharing! i will definitely check it out! :)

  5. Super bedankt voor het volgen!! Wij volgen jouw nu ook!

    Ik heb Style gekocht bij de voor €17.99.



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