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Sunday, February 20, 2011

FANCY mascara♥

Did you Fancy lovers got this issue already? It's the NR02 - FEBRUARI 2011 issue. If not, go get it! You'll get a free mascara..I'm thinking of subscribing for Fancy, as a subscriber you'll get a lot of goodies and chances to win free stuff. But that is so not the only reason why I want to be a subscriber. I love reading Fancy. It's always full of fashion and beauty tips, real stories, good buys and so much more. Just a real girl-magazine, which is in dutch fyi. So sorry for the english speaking readers among us who have to miss out on this wonderful magazine, but then again you girls have Seventeen magazine I guess!

Since I love getting new makeup to try out, I decided to see if the mascara was a good one. It's a bit small, on the picture it looks like it's not. But the outside is very cute. It's full black with beauty written in silver and two silver kisses formed by some texts. I didn't notice any brand name.

Applying the mascara went really easy. The previous mascaras I used usually got hard right before the second round. But not this one, I could easily apply another coat and another just to double the volume effect. Using it after a while, the brush does get bits of clods. But luckily not my lashes. You see an instant difference once you're finished! So overall I am satisfied with the mascara and I threw it in my daily makeup case right after I was done. I give it a total of 7.5!

I was bored and made this pic after the mascara testing.
For the ones that did get your free mascara with your Fancy, how did you experience it? Or do you know any other mascara that does really get the volume thing going on real people, instead of being photoshopped in the magazines?

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  1. ik ken het tijdschrift wel, alleen ik koop het nooit. ik krijg juist altijd de: Girlz! hihi.
    Maar leeeuuk artikel!
    lijkt me een fijne mascara.

  2. The mag sounds great, but where do they sell it? I've never seen Fancy in any shops where I live.

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  3. ik denk dat ik vanmiddag de fancy ff ga halen :)
    xx, /


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