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Saturday, February 19, 2011

a Girl can never have too many Shoes♥

" before i die i must own at least 1,000,000 pair of shoes."
That is definitely one of my life goals. I wonder how many years it would take me to reach my goal hahah. And I'd better not die right after either lol.
At this particular moment (in Holland) I have about 20 shoes in total.
Stupid me left of couple of heels in Curaçao.. Well it's not total stupidity, I just didn't have any more space in my luggages :( But I'll get them once my mom decides to mail this big box with clothes, makeup and magazines of mine! :D

I'm curious to know HOW many you have? Pumps, Wedges, Sneakers, Flats.. count them all!

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  1. Whoever's picture that is, they have a lot of Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I have probably fifteen pairs of pumps/wedges, six pairs of flats... and only three pairs of sneakers ;)

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  2. I probably have about 10 pairs of shoes or so. Not very many, but my collection is really starting to grow!

  3. thank you for commenting and following)


    p.s. nice pic! :)

  4. Hahaha...That is quiet some goal.. I think that I'm also heading that way, even if I like it or not...
    For me I totally lost count on my shoes. For december only I bought 10 pairs!!! My BF says I'm crazy...

  5. wauw look at al that shoes!!

    follow each other?

  6. SHOES! ♥__♥
    that could be my shoe closet and I'd still buy more :P
    when my friends I want new heels and they tell me I got a lot of heels while i only got 5 pair. I always say "Call it an obsession but I can't get enough of it" :P hhihi


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