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Saturday, February 19, 2011

H&M against Aids♥

Here's another reason why I love H&M.
Fashionable affordable clothing, that gets involved in giving back to charities.
I have noticed a lot of fashion brands launching different collection to raise funds and awareness to charities. All shopaholics must be thrilled, because now there is an actual reason to shop and change something about the world. No guilty feeling there what so ever.

The H&M Fashion against Aids collection will be available in stores from April 26. This is fourth year FAA to promote safe sex and raise the HIV/AIDS awareness. They feel that the message is important to both young female and males. That's why they added a little twist to the collection and turned it into a unisex collection with a sporty vibe.

On to the prices..
orange overall - €39.95
yellow singlet - €07.95
shorts - €24.95
white t-shirt - €19.95
orange t-shirt - €09.95
grey pants - €19.95
grey t-shirt - €14.95
chinos - €39.95

For the whole collection see H&M Fashion against Aids!

Are you feeling this sporty collection? I am! There are a couple of them on my "am-definitely-going-to-buy" list. How about you?
Even if it's one item, DO IT! It's for a good cause!

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