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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the Golden Pump ♥

As you may or may not know, ILoveFashionNews together with Shick* launched their golden pump on valentine's day!

I am totally in love with this pump, especially the little heart. It is a very chic pump that you can wear anytime when you're going out to party or just a fancy restaurant or rendezvous.

Now if you're like me that is dying to add this one to my collection of high heels.. keep reading!
The first 100 girls in line get their pumps for free!! [In the store they are
€ 29,99] But there is a catch, outfit color must be = gold!
So run to your own/mom/sister/aunt/grandma's closet to find some sparkling golden items. The more the better! If you're that one lucky girl that Bastiaan van Schaik thinks is the BEST dressed, you'll win free Shick* shoes for a w-h-o-l-e year!! I mean HOW COOL IS THAT?! Name one girl that doesn't think this grandprize is absolutely aaaaahmazing!

pictures from the launchparty are from:

Bastiaan van Schaik

watch the video from: Shick-Shoes

Want to show off with these gorgeous shoes? Make sure to be there at 15:00 looking ultra-hot!
Before I forget, the adress is:
Shick* Brandstore,
Kalverstraat 204

You might see me there!

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  1. that is soooooo cool!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by my site and for following. Cute blog you got here. Wish I could be one of those girls lining up at the store tomorrow but I'm miles away from Amsterdam. Good Luck to You!

  3. Yes, those shoes are really nice. :)

  4. Hey, I found your blog on IFB and I'm now following. It's really interesting, and I will now be reading your posts.

    -Mitch from


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