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Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ Beautylish.

And the FBI(Fashion&Beautycosmetics Investigator) has done it again!! Well in this case it's a website, but it has to do with beauty so the name still counts.

I'm talking about BeautyLish!!
It's a new place to explore the world of makeup tutorials, beauty tips and cosmetics from real people just like you.

You'll find dish about new products, videos, reviews, makeup looks, the hottest hairstyles, beauty tips and just meeting other beautylish-es queens! Just about anything beauty-related! I am already hooked, I am now even a follower on twitter!! Also follow their blog to stay updated in the big beautiful world of makeup and celeb-landia.

I get totally excited when finding these -girly, full of makeup and fashion- websites! So if you happen to know other websites like these, do not.. I repeat do not, keep them to yourselvess!!

My profile is not yet completed, but create your own and together we'll explore this fabou-lish-es website!!

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  1. I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    Enter my Apothica giveaway!

  2. love the post!
    ik vind je echt heel mooi!

    Thank you for the lovely comment.
    New outfit of today! come check it out?
    LOVE xo model from holland
    everyday a new post (L)

  3. You're such a sweet heart Tiffany! So great to hear amazing ladies like yourself with such positive words about Beautylish! Stay fabou-lish ;)


  4. Hi! Tif! Thanks for sharing the site with us! I'm loving it ;)


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