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Monday, February 14, 2011

my little Valentine flower♥

Today is the day of the lovers! Or maybe you prefer 'the Singlesday'?
I must say, for me this day went by like any other.
First at school, nobody seemed to be in the v-day mood. Nobody in red or pink spotted. Maybe it's a university thing. But I kinda hate it that way. I am used to everyone wearing red and pink, and walking around with bunch of roses, teddybears and balloons. Here? NOTHING! Well, there was this little photobooth thingy with lots of hearts in the background, but when me and my friend wanted to take a picture it disappeared. So that was a bummer.

I was totally in the mood, I had some wedges on, a tight skinny, with a cute H&M blouse. Don't get upset with me, but I didn't manage to take a picture again. I should really just be more confident and just let my friend take pictures outside where I can show my outfit. But I did make a picture of a cute pale violet flower clip I wore in my hair. I'm going to post it even though I am not really liking the recent pictures I take. Hahah do you have that feeling too?

Not having any other plans besides watching some boring tvchannels, makes me want to know what you have planned or what you did or get from your loved ones? Tell me Tell me Tell me !! :P

Because I haven't said it officially yet:

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  1. At my university, I saw a lot of roses and teddy bears. Tonight, I have a date with my clothing and culture textbook and a bag of cheetos.

  2. I thought I was the only one who noticed how boring they made V-day seem!!! It was like any other day at school! So through the day I wasn't that excited anymore.. But l8er I had a fun night with my date though.. So it was a cute V-day after all! ♥


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