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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Say it with a Tee♥

As I became so obsessed with Fashiolista I found a lot of cute slogans and cute graphics on some tees that I really like to share with you. It's been a while already that I began designing some of my own slogan-tees. I never really got the chance to print out any of them, because either I didn't find a good enough printing store or I had no money at that time, lol. But I'm seriously thinking about getting a little "business" started. Just really designing tees, for one person or for myself. Ofcourse I would love to design a tee for a business or an event. A couple of days ago I designed a tee for #TeamBreezyHolland. All of my friends know that I am OBSESSED with Chris Brown. I always say that one day I'll marry him.
So it was a perfect idea for me to really get involved in the TEAMBREEZYHOLLAND. To do so, I made a special t-shirt just for us and posted it as a twitpic. << Click, if you want to see it. I've gotten A LOT of great reactions to it on twitter !! And I was hoping you'd give me some feedback too :D

But now, back to my post.

Love them as much as I do?
You can find these on my fashiolista page ;)

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  1. I love the idea!! Maybe you can make an " I (L) Drake and gonna marry him soon" tee for me

    If you have the idea build it up!

  2. I verry like your blog :))
    Following ! Follow back ? <333

  3. these are absolute genius
    Love that NY one especially

  4. I love these. I seem to never find tees I like, but these are clever.

  5. thanks voor je comment! wat zijn ze leuk... vooral zo'n blog shirt lijk me nog wel eens cool!

  6. Love this 'in vogue we trust' T-shirt a lot!!!

  7. All the T-shirts are soo perfect!!
    Your have done a really good job with your blog !!
    I'm following!
    Check out my blog it you have time and follow if you like!

  8. what great shirts. While the slogan ones are cute my favorites are the one with the girl with the bow and big red lips and the one below it with the two girls. keep up the good work
    Fashion Urbia


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