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Sunday, February 13, 2011

UNBREAKABLE by Khloé & Lamar ♥

I love the KARDASHIANS. One day I want to meet the whole Kardashian/Jenner Family.
I always get excited when they get a new tv shows, new clothing lines, books and now they can add another fragrance to their list. Khloe and Lamar, that is. Their unisex fragrance launched on February 12th is called: 'Unbreakable by Khloé & Lamar!'.

If you look at Khloe's twitter, she RT'd a lot of positive comments. It only made me want to try out the smell.
That makes me have to add another K-Dash fragrance on my wishlist, because I have been dying to get the Kim fragrance! It's too bad Mr. and Mrs. Odom's fragrance is only exclusively available at Perfumania.

The bottle is cute and the video promotion is so sexual. You can see that this couple really love eachother. So I'm wishing them a lot of success in their careers and relationship and hopefully Mason will get a cousin soon <3

What do you think about this Kardashian featuring Odom fragrance?
For you that have already had a try, what was your opinion ?

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