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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 2 Pink Boxes♥

As much as I love fashion and shoes, I love the things that make an outfit: accessories, just a tiny winy bit more. I am especially a sucker for rings, bows and anything that stands out. In stores you can hardly get me away from all those beautiful accessories. Today I'm going to give you a little peek of my jewelry and hair accessories collection. I don't think it's that big.. But the boxes can't close anymore, so that should mean something :P

This is my hair accessory box (bought at: Xenos)

and here is the content:
♥35 hair clips
♥05 forehead bands
♥07 bows
♥05 flower-y
♥06 hairbands
♥01 birthday tiara
♥other stuff (shoe laces, buttons etc.)

This is my jewelry box (bought at: Kuci Muci)

and here is the content:
♥12 necklaces
♥20 bracelets
♥02 watches
♥21 rings
♥15 pairs of earrings

OFCOURSE, the boxes had to be pink.. duh!

How big is your collection?

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  1. Love the boxes!! :D I always wondered how much stuff would fit in the Kuci Muci jewelry box. Well now I know! I will be buying one soon ;)

    I have a 'big' collection too. Don't know the precise amounts, maybe I'll post about it in a future post ;)

    Love your collection by the way! :D

  2. Really cool boxes ^^
    I always just leave stuff in random cute baskets :D

    But ehm you asked where my friend got the frame from, so I just thought to answer your question here ;) My friend bought it at the same store where my tea box comes from: Xenos :)
    Dunnow if they still have it there..

  3. cute! die laatste heb ik ook :)

  4. Cute jewelry boxes, I also have a HUGE accessory coolection :) Oh, and by the way I am having a giveaway on my blog so check it out :)


  5. Cute collection.. Love love loveee ur jewelry box!!!


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