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Monday, February 28, 2011

Shatter Me Nails ❤

Oh my gaaaaaaa, I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!
FINALLY- FINAAAAAALLYYY did I get a chance to get the Katy Perry by O.P.I black shatter nail polish. Like every beauty blogger has been talking about it!!!!

I got mine at Sephora (V&D) for just €11.95. If you don't have yours yet, you shouldn't continue reading my post right now. You should be on your way to your nearest Sephora store, because they are literally flying off the shelves. And the cashier told me that she couldn't promise they would re-stock once again, because they did a couple of times already. And everything is about 15% off. So freaking hurry your butt!!!

I wanted to film a video of the shatter effect on my nails. But I don't have any roommates and I am so tacky with the whole film and nail polish thing at the same time. So I just took a before and after picture.

I still wanted you to see the magic happen, so I went on youtube and got you a video. How nice of me right? :)

And remember, you can use any other color of any other brand you want as the first coat, before you apply the shatter nail polish. I want to see your shatter nails look, or do you have any tips?
I am so excited about this nail polish.. Finally a polish that can be messy, fun and the pattern doesn't have to match the other nails!!

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  1. Waaaaaaaaauwwww I want one tooo!! <3 and offcourse I will vote for you ;) xoxo Dewi

  2. Love Katy Perry's Nail Polish...I have it and loves it.


  3. This is so fun. I can't wait to try it!

  4. Unfortunately we don't have sephora here in the uk but maybe i can get it online. Though here we already have nail polish that gives a crackle effect

  5. Nice thanks for this post !

  6. GOSH!!! Finallyyy!!!! I went to sephora and ask them about it like one month ago...I'm going tomorrow to buuy iittt!!! WOOTTT WOOTT!


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