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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My feet feel LUSH-ious ❤

I remember the first day I entered the LUSH store in the Hague. It feels like it was yesterday. Back then I didn't even know about LUSH, I just always wondered what possibly that store could sell. So I went in, but I didn't even took the time to walk around. It just seemed so not interesting. All I saw were these weird looking bars of God knows what. And just when a sales woman came up to me to ask if she could help me, I walked out the store. This store was not for me, I thought.

But little did I know, I entered the store of one of the most talked about products on blogs these days! Either they have tried and loved it, or can't wait to try it. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis, and not once have I ever read about an unhappy LUSH customer. That's why I decided to go down to the store and just pick something up. I didn't know where to start, I've heard of so many things. They had it all, from shampoos, to scrubs, to bath gels, shower jellies etc etc. I love all the unique names the products have. So after walking in circles for a while, wondering what to get, I decided to go with this foot scrub called 'Stepping Stone' for €5,15.

As you can see it has a shape of a cute little foot.
Just now when I took a long warm shower, I decided to give it try. I wasn't really sure how to use it properly, I only knew my feet had to be wet so I just started rubbing it under my feet. Then thankfully the big toe broke off, so I could really give my feet a good massage. I swear, right after I washed of the scrub I felt a difference. It just got rid of all the callus, I didn't have that much, but still. And it felt so soft! Amazing! And after all the rubbing and scrubbing, your hands couldn't help but feel much softer too! I love this.. Definitely just made it a weekly thing!!

Have you ever tried any other LUSH products? Which one would you recommend and why?
Let me know. For ordering online (Holland) this is your place to be.

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  1. I have to try this!! I wear heels everyday at work and on the weekends so my feet get beat up lol Thanks for the recommendation! Love your blog Followig!!

    Follow me if you will :)

  2. I myself are not such a Lush fan.. to be honest.
    That is mostly because my skin can't handle any type of soap bars (even the ones for sensitive skin) and when you can't buy those Lush has suddenly less things to offer for me.
    I do walk in every now and then and maybe buy a thing or two.. but that's all.. I just think that Lush is "fine".

  3. Hey, thanks for your sweet comment! I thought I should reply here: the lipstick I'm wearing in 'deniz (pic post)' is Hot Pink Kiss #107 by Kiko Milano. According to their website their stores are in Spain, France, Italy and Germany, but I got it while I was in Spain. Hope that helped!

  4. Love Lush!!!


    P.S: I bet you'd look gorgeous with the feather House of Harlow ring we're giving away on my blog NOW! :D

  5. I love Lush for three reasons.. first of all, they products are simply adorable. Second, they are not tested on animals. Third.. they're just awesome! I currently use the coal face cleansing bar for oily skin and it's great, it really helped me improve my skin. I also use the baby face make up remover bar and it feels soooo good on your face. You are supposed to wet it a little with hot water, rub it in your hands and then on your face but I rub it straight on my face and then wash it off. It's a great product!


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