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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

V-Day is Me-Day♥

February is the month of l♥ve.
Every day is about love. But Valentine's Day is just a day to show a little more.

I love Valentine's Day. Even though I never had a boyfriend on V-day, I always have fun. At school we used to wear red,pink and white, send our friends these lovely roses and just feel loved. Every store is already packed with cute lovey dovey stuff. For some singles it could feel like a depressing month, but not to me. I don't know what I'm gonna to this year, I'm thinking have a girls night out.
To send all my lovely but single friends including myself a little of my sweet love, I will send some cute Victoria's Secret e-cards.

I just love everything about VS. I love the models, I love the loungeries. I love the fragrances. I love EVERYTHING!

Love me ♥ Make me ♥ Send me VS love card
The lovecard is made in 4 easy steps.
♥1. Show me
♥2. Tell me
♥3. Sign me
♥4. Indulge me (optional)

I love the whole idea of these love cards. You can either make one to send to your boo or to your friends.. Or like me, I just made one for myself!


that's what I made mine say :) try it!

ps. if you do have a guy on V-Day, make sure to check out their V-Day lookbook.. and get your sexyness on :)

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